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The representative symbol of all that constitutes a nation and its people is the Flag. The flag represents the entire history of a people, their beliefs, struggles and hopes. Used both in peacetime and in wartime, it is one of the most comprehensive universal symbols.

The five blue shields of the Portuguese flag represents the five moor kings defeated by the first King of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques, at the Battle of Ourique. The dots inside the blue shields represent the five wounds of Christ when crucified. Counting the dots and doubling those five in the center, there are thirty dots that represents the coins Judas received for having betrayed Christ. The seven castles represents the fortified cities D. Afonso Henriques conquered from the moors.

The globe represents the world discovered by the Portuguese navigators in the fifteen and sixteenth centuries.Finaly, the green strip is meant to symbolize the hope in the future and the red the blood of the nation’s heroes.

Come and join us in honoring the flag of Portugal in what represents the official recognition of the Portuguese community’s presence and importance in the State of Massachusetts. Your presence is of key importance to pay this solemn homage to Portugal and the Portuguese emigrant community with grandeur.

With the performances of the Rancho Folclórico Corações Lusiadas and the Filarmónica Santo António of Cambridge